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Vocational Ministry | McCormick Theological Seminary

Vocational Ministry

The Office of Student Academics (OSA) helps support students in their journey toward ordination. We cooperate with church governing bodies of various denominations to provide assistance with vocational planning. 

For Presbyterian students, this includes assistance with ordination exam preparation, Personal Information Form (PIF) writing, and negotiating terms of call with congregations and other church agencies.  For students of other denominations, we offer vocational planning assistance and placement advising.

To this end, OSA works to:

1. Ensure timely responses to ecclesiastical queries and matters (such as candidacy process, Standard Ordination Examinations, etc.).

2. Offer workshops and seminars covering topics to benefit graduates in their preparation for the next step in ministry.

3. Serve as a resource for students preparing for ordination in the PC(USA) and multiple other denominations:

Ordination in the PC(USA)
Ordination in Denominations Other than PC(USA)

4. Connect students and alums seeking a call with churches and agencies seeking leadership.

       Job Listings
       Students and Alums Seeking a Call
       Students and Alums Available for Pulpit Supply

5. Connect students with other organizations doing vocational work and training for ministry.  

       Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
       Center for Emot. Intelligence & Human Relations Skills


At a Glance

OSA Workshops

Workshops offered through OSA for the professional and vocational benefit of students.

Ordination in the PC(USA)

     For the most complete information on PC(USA) ordination requirements, check the current edition of The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Part II: the Book of Order...

Ordination in Denominations other than PC(USA)

Information and links regarding ordination for many of the denominations represented at McCormick are listed below.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Clinical Pastoral Education is a supervised ministry experience that is a requirement for ordination in the PC(USA) and many other denominations.

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