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Master's Level Student Council | McCormick Theological Seminary

Master's Level Student Council

The Master's Level Student Council of McCormick Welcomes you!

The Student Council at McCormick is a student organization seeking to serve Master's level students and their families of McCormick Theological seminary through representation, communication, advocacy, and nurture. General concerns and questions can be sent to studentcouncil@go.mccormick.edu

What We Do
The purpose of the Student Council is to:

Facilitate timely communication among students, faculty, administration, and the Board of Trustees; foster open communication and mutual respect among various interest groups of the McCormick community; respond to and serve as an advocate for needs and concerns of students; encourage and enable participation of students in the life of the whole community, providing opportunities for nurture, growth, renewal, fellowship, and connectedness among students and their families.

The Master's Level Student Council also seeks to provide opportunities for future church leaders to discuss with those who have valuable knowledge of Church and Faith-Based Organization leadership.  Student council is a chance to practice some of the skills we learn in seminary before we are out on our own in ministry.

Who We Are:

Student Council Representatives

Antonia Coleman
Pamela Floyd

Senior Class
Gina Sterk
David Goodwin

Middler Class
Antonia Coleman
Pamela Floyd

Junior Representatives: 
Rhonda Hoskins
Richard Mayo

Clerk of the Council: 
Violet Ricker

Student Advocacy Group Liaison:
Noah Kruis

Group Representatives
Student Representative to Board of Trustees | Noah Kruis
ACTS 10:15 [advocating for LGBTQ students] | Unoccupied
Anti-Racism | Noah Kruis
Asociacion de Estudiantes Latino@s de McCormick (A.E.L.M.) | Francisco Medrano
Commuter Student Group | Unoccupied 
Eco-Justice | Unoccupied
Global Communities [advocating for international students/communities] | Chosen Glory Chintapalli
Korean/Korean American Students Organization (KASA) | Unoccupied
Pan-African Students Organization (PASO) | Pamela Floyd, Shaune Thompson
Women in Ministry | Antonia Coleman, Gina Sterk

Council Meetings and Events

Student Council wants to see as many McCormick students at our meetings as possible.  Everyone is Welcome! This year we are going to change some things to make that happen. Our meetings will be based on the Open Table discussion model...more of a gathering than a meeting, more driven by discussion than an agenda, more about learning and equipping than action items and to do lists. Plus FREE DINNER!!! These gatherings take place in the Buchanan Lounge from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Watch for future meeting dates in your emails. We will talk about how to be a leader here at McCormick as well as how to be a leader in the changing and exciting church we will minister in after seminary.

Monthly Meetings
When possible, the Council meets the first Monday of every month from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Yearly Events
Each year the Student Council plans events that provide fellowship opportunities. Annual events include a Fall Retreat, an Advent Dinner in December as well as our school year-end celebration, "Feast Of Fools." More detailed information will be posted in the Herald and e-mailed to students as events approach.

Student Life Gallery

Student Life Gallery

Community Highlights

Photos from community events and activities