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Job Board | McCormick Theological Seminary

Job Board

The Presbyterian Church (USA) might connect you with your next call. Click here to find out about recently posted positions. 

Datesort icon Position Type Category Location
01.9.18 Solo Pastor - Ft. Pierce, FL Full Time Ministry (ordained) Ft. Pierce, FL
01.4.18 Director of Children and Family Ministries - Clarendon Hills, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Clarendon Hills, IL
01.4.18 Associate Pastor - Raleigh, NC Full Time Ministry (ordained) Raleigh, NC
12.19.17 Associate Pastor for Youth and Family Ministry - Delaware, OH Full Time Ministry (ordained) Delaware, OH
12.19.17 Associate Pastor for Justice and Mission - Minneapolis, MN Full Time Ministry (ordained) Minneapolis, MN
12.19.17 Pastor, Head of Staff - Westfield, NJ Full Time Ministry (ordained) Westfield, NJ
12.19.17 Social Media Assistant - Chicago, IL Part Time Chicago, IL
12.19.17 Temporary Database Assistant - Chicago, IL Part Time Chicago, IL
12.12.17 Assistant Homiletics Professor - Chicago Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
12.12.17 Assistant Bible Professor - Chicago Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
12.5.17 Chicago City Director for DOOR Network Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
12.5.17 Director of Worship - Grand Rapids, MI Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Grand Rapids, MI
11.9.17 Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church - Denver, CO Full Time Ministry (ordained) Denver, CO
11.3.17 Solo Pastor - Western Springs, IL Full Time Ministry (ordained) Western Springs, IL
10.26.17 Associate Pastor - Venice, FL Full Time Venice, FL
10.26.17 Pastor, Head of Staff - Ft. Wayne, IN Full Time Ministry (ordained) Ft. Wayne, IN
10.26.17 The Cynthia Price Pastoral Residency Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Greensboro, NC
10.26.17 Solo Pastor - Orange Park, FL Full Time Ministry (ordained) Orange Park, FL
10.26.17 Senior Minister - Park Ridge, IL Full Time Ministry (ordained) Park Ridge, IL
10.26.17 Solo Pastor - Corning, IA Full Time Ministry (ordained) Corning, IA
10.5.17 Digital Instruction Librarian Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
10.5.17 Tutoring Program Assistant - Chicago, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
10.5.17 Solo Pastor - Old Forge, NY Full Time Ministry (ordained) Old Forge, NY
09.21.17 Senior Pastor Position - Winston Salem, NC Full Time Ministry (ordained) Winston Salem, NC
09.21.17 Interim Pastor of Children and Youth - Geneva, IL Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Geneva, IL